How Do You Use a Red Heart Yarn Color Chart?


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The Red Heart multi-color coordinates chart is a way to find which solid colors match multi-color yarn. Find the number or color of the multi-colored yarn in the color chart to see which color and number yarns are recommended to match. Be aware that some colors in the chart have been discontinued.

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Red Heart yarns are available in both solid and multi-color skeins and with the large variety of colors, it can be challenging to find a color match if you want to mix both solid and multi-color yarns in a project. The Red Heart Multi-Color Coordinates chart was developed to remedy this problem.

Red Heart offers a wide variety of yarns like baby soft, shimmer, tweed and more. Each multi-colored yarn in the various styles, weights, and textures is listed on the chart and appropriate mixes of solid colors are recommended for matching. The recommended solid colors are not necessarily exact matches in color but are selected for their ability to blend aesthetically with the multi-colored yarn. The number and color of each yarn is listed in the chart for both multi- and solid colors.

When shopping in-store for these yarns, remember that both the number and color are printed on the yarn packaging and often in stores with a wide variety of Red Heart yarns, the multi-colored yarns are placed near the recommended solids. When shopping online, be sure to follow the listed yarn number or color exactly as colors may not appear true on a computer screen due to setting differences.

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