How Do You Use the Rainbow Loom?


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To use a Rainbow Loom , select a pattern, gather the colored mini rubber bands, get your C-clips ready and start weaving the rubber bands using a loom hook or a small crochet hook. When ready, pull the piece off of the loom and clip the ends together.

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The Rainbow Loom is a plastic loom that helps you weave long strips of rubber bands that you can turn into bracelets or charms. The loom has rows of tiny posts that the rubber bands fit over. By changing the direction of the rubber bands and the number of posts they cover, you change the type of weave. Videos of different patterns are available on RainbowLoom.com.

For example, to do a fishtail weave, loop each rubber band around two posts. Twist one band like a figure-eight; the other two form a single loop. Pull the left and right side of the figure-eight band over the single looped band to form the design. Add another band and repeat the folding-over. This continues until the woven strand is large enough to make a bracelet.

When the bracelet is the right size, pull the end off the loom by holding the final looped band and pulling upward. Do not fold the end band; remove it before adding the clip to join the two ends.

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