How Do You Use a Punch Needle Kit?


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Punch needle kits are an alternative to sewing needlepoint by hand. Using a punch needle requires weaver's cloth fabric, thread, an embroidery loop and the punch needle itself.

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Before using the punch needle, be sure to put weaver's cloth fabric in an embroidery hoop. After that, trace the desired design along the back of the fabric.

The punch needle is a device that holds the thread. It has a beveled edge. Pick a location along the outside of the pattern. Pushing into the wrong side of the fabric, hold the punch needle straight up with the beveled edge pointing in the direction of stitching. Push until the punch needle stops. Once it does, move the punch needle forward about the width of the needle and then make another punch stick.

Continue along the outside of the pattern, making punches approximately once per width of the needle. Once the needle pointer finishes the exterior of the pattern, work inwards using a spiral pattern. To finish a section or your pattern, reverse the direction of the stitches and then leave a thread tail. Weave the tail through the back of the stitches or simply tie it down to the back of the project.

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