How Do You Use Printable Bridge Score Sheets?


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Players use printable bridge score sheets to keep track of the points and bonuses earned by each team during the course of a game. The score sheet has two columns labeled “we” and “they.” A horizontal line bisects each column.

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The scorekeeper enters points earned by fulfilling contracts below the line. The scorekeeper enters other points earned above the line. These include bonuses for making extra tricks above the minimum needed to make a contract (overtricks) and bonuses for rubbers and slams, or taking all tricks.

A team wins a game when the number of points below the line reaches 100. The scorekeeper draws a new line below this amount and play continues. Two wins constitute a rubber. Points entered above the original line remain countable toward the final score. After playing a specified number of rubbers, the scorekeeper tallies the scores to determine the winning team.

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