How Do You Use Free Printable Bookmark Templates?

To use a free printable bookmark template, open the template in Microsoft Word or Publisher. Input the information you want printed on the bookmark. Edit the design.

  1. Open the template

    Open a new Microsoft Word or Publisher document. Choose a template from Microsoft or one you have downloaded from another source. Click on the template to open it in the document window. The new document contains formatting and styles in the design of a bookmark. It may also have some text already in it.

  2. Input the information

    Personalize your bookmark by replacing the placeholder text with your own text. Highlight the text you want to replace, and type in the new text you want to appear. Some fields in the template may have a drop-down menu so that you select information instead of typing it in. For example, there may be a date field that has a calendar drop-down menu.

  3. Edit the design

    Edit the design of the bookmark by changing the font type, font size and font color. Delete any images on the template that you don't want, and insert any new images you want to appear on the bookmark. You may also edit any borders or other design features in the template. Change the background if desired, unless you want to print the bookmark out on patterned paper.