How Do You Use Printable Art Stencils?


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Use printable art stencils by printing out the stencil on a standard piece of paper, then affixing it to a sturdier paper and cutting out the black areas. After removing all the black areas, remove the original printed stencil, if possible, and apply the appropriate art medium.

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The first step in using a printable art stencil is ensuring that it has the proper design. Most stencils consist of a black and white image, wherein the black area represents the eventual holes in the stencil. This means that there should be no black areas that completely surround any white areas, as this results in cutting out a portion of the stencil completely. Make sure that there are gaps throughout the stencil to avoid rendering it useless during the cutting phase.

After printing out a suitable stencil, tape or glue it to a thick piece of poster board or cardboard to make it more durable. Standard paper absorbs paint and leads to unsightly blotches in the final design. Use a craft knife to cut out the black areas in both the paper and the board, making sure to leave appropriate white space for structural integrity. Finally, take the stencil and apply the necessary art medium to create the image. Most stencils work best with spray paint, though liquid paint also works.

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