How Do You Use a Piano Key Layout to Help You Learn to the Notes?


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Use a piano key layout or diagram with the notes printed on it to help you memorize the notes. The piano keyboard consists of the same pattern of 12 notes repeated over and over, so memorizing these notes lets you learn the whole 88-key piano keyboard.

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Begin by identifying the pattern of the five black keys. The black keys are in groups of two and three, with each black key within the group separated from the other black keys by one white key and each group of black keys separated from the next group by two white keys.

Learn the names of the white keys. Start by identifying C, which is the white key to the left of the group of two black keys. Each white key to the right is one note higher in the scale and is represented by one letter further in the alphabet, until you get to G, at which point you start over again at A. Learn to recognize each white key by its position within the pattern of the black keys.

Once you have memorized the names of the white keys, the black keys are easy to learn. Each black key has two names that describe its relation to the surrounding white keys. For example, the black key between C and D is called C sharp or D flat.

Identifying the keys on the keyboard without the help of the diagram becomes easier and more intuitive the more you practice.

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