How Do You Use Paper to Make a Flower?

How Do You Use Paper to Make a Flower?

To make a paper flower, cut petals from crepe paper, and attach them to floral wire with floral tape. A single flower can be made in about five minutes.

  1. Gather your supplies

    In addition to the crepe paper, floral wire, and floral tape, you need scissors and wire cutters.

  2. Cut the petal shapes

    Layer several sheets of crepe paper, and cut out teardrop shapes in the desired size. If making multiple flowers, change the size and the shape of the petals for more variation. For inspiration, look at flower identification guides to find different petal shapes.

  3. Wrap the wire

    With the wire cutters, cut the wire to the desired length. Cover the tip of the floral wire by wrapping a triangle of crepe paper around it. Secure with floral or double-sided tape.

  4. Add the petals

    Add the paper petals one at a time to the covered tip of the floral wire. Wrap floral tape around the base of the petals as you go. Continue adding petals until you are satisfied with the fullness of the flower. If you are making multiple flowers, use a different number of petals for each flower to create more visual interest. To create a bouquet, use floral tape to wrap and secure the stems of multiple flowers.