How Do You Use Paper Doll Patterns?


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To make paper dolls from patterns, transfer the patterns to the paper of your choice by tracing them with carbon paper and a pencil, or print or photocopy patterns onto your paper. Then cut the patterns out, and decorate the dolls with fabric, paint and other media of your choice.

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Most paper dolls are simple outlines made from poster boards, construction paper, card stock or other medium-weight paper. Draw your own pattern on a white piece of paper, and then transfer it onto other paper. Many printable paper-doll patterns are available on the Internet for free in PDF and other digital formats. Print these out on paper just as you would any other document, and cut the patterns out.

Tools you need include one or two pairs of paper scissors, glue sticks or a hot gun, colored markers or pencils to draw faces if desired, and yarn or fake fur for hair. More elaborate designs include faces and outfits cut out of magazines as well as custom-designed clothing made from fabric remnants, trims and other supplies such as glitter to make eye glasses, fingernails, and other accessories. Arrange the pieces of clothing and accessories into outfits, and then apply them to the patterns.

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