How Do You Use an Ouija Board?


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To use a Ouija board, have a medium ask questions while the users gently rest their hands on the planchette. After a few moments, the planchette should glide across the board to spell out an answer.

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How Do You Use an Ouija Board?
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  1. Prepare to play

    Set the Ouija board in a well lit but quiet area before sitting down. The participants need to be relaxed and calm in both the mind and body before continuing. After taking some time to relax, rest both hands on the planchette. Do not move the planchette because this alters the results of the answer.

  2. Ask a question

    Choose a participant to ask the questions. Only one member should ask the question to avoid confusion. It should be asked firmly and loud enough for everyone to hear clearly. The question can be of any subject matter as long as it can be spelled out on the board.

  3. Let the planchette spell out the answer

    After a few moments, the planchette should begin to slowly glide across the board. It is critical that each member of the group leave both hands on the planchette during this time. After the planchette stops moving, the answer is complete, and all that's left is to spell it out.

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