How Do You Use an Online Ouija Board?


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To use the online Ouija board at BrainJar.com, type a question into the box at the top of the screen, and click Ask. Hold the mouse pointer over the virtual pointer, and follow it as it spells out the answer. Online Ouija boards are also available at OuijaSpirit.com.

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OuijaSpirit.com recommends making a felt planchette (pointer) to use with the Ouija board. Print the template image from OuijaSpirit.com, and use it to make a planchette from 3/16-inch felt. Cut a hole in the planchette's center.

Place the planchette on a laptop trackpad or iPad screen, and rest your fingers on it. If you are using a laptop computer, place your middle finger through the hole so that it gently touches the trackpad. If you cannot make a felt planchette, use a small item such as a guitar pick with a finger next to it. You can also use the Ouija board with just one finger, with another fingernail resting on the trackpad to keep it stable.

When you use the Ouija board, begin with a simple question, and wait patiently for an answer. Thank the board and any other entities for the answers as they appear. Remember that the Ouija board's answers may not be truthful or accurate.

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