How Do You Use a Needle Threader?


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To use a needle threader, place the threader into the eye of the needle, then put thread into the threader. Pull the threader to simultaneously pull the thread through the needle.

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  1. Put the end of the threader into the needle

    Press the looped wire at the end of the threader. Making sure that the looped wire is flat, insert it into the eye of the needle. If the looped wire is still too thick, try turning the threader around until the wire fits.

  2. Thread the needle threader

    Open the looped wire of the threader with a pair of scissors or pliers, making sure not to cut the wire. Insert the thread into the looped wire, making sure to loop the end of the thread around the wire. Doing so secures the thread to the threader. Pull the thread so that the tail is at least 4 inches long.

  3. Pull the threader

    With one hand, pinch the looped wire of the threader shut, then gently pull the other end of the threader with your other hand. Try twisting the looped wire if it does not fit through the eye of the needle. If you left a long enough tail, the thread should be pulled into the eye of the needle.

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