How Do You Use Monopoly Game Codes?

The Monopoly game codes are present on each of the game pieces. With the codes on the game pieces, the player can either win free food items, use the game piece codes for properties, or use the code for playing the online version of the game. When playing the Monopoly game online, enter the codes online.

The allowable limit of entering the codes online is a maximum of 10 codes in 24 hours. Enter the code, and click to check out the reward. Every entered code grants the player one roll on the virtual Monopoly game board, as with the real board game.

At the very beginning, if playing the McDonald's Monopoly, landing on the Go area on the Monopoly board after clicking Spin rewarded the player with a code granting the use of one hour of free Wi-Fi access at the participating McDonald’s restaurant. Every year there is a new set of codes and rewards.

To get game codes, purchase the food items that have game pieces. Also, the bags may contain a free code to enter, so be sure to check the bag for any Monopoly game codes. After obtaining the code, enter the 11-digit game code found on the game stamp online to win online game prizes. Every game code entered and played gives the player another opportunity for an entry into the online Sweepstakes.