How Do You Use "Minecraft" Skins?

Use "Minecraft" skins to give a character in the game a new appearance. Many skins often attempt to recreate the appearance of popular celebrities, video game characters, comic book characters or superheroes. Several websites allow players to download free skins or create a skin from scratch.

Two of the major themes of the game "Minecraft" are customization and creation. These are seen in various aspects of the game, from the core crafting and building mechanic in the game itself to the fact that players are able to create custom modifications to alter the game. Another major example of these themes is the concept of character skins. Any person playing the game has the ability to upload a customer avatar design to personalize her experience in the game.

One popular site for obtaining "Minecraft" skins is The site contains multiple categories based on the theme of the skin, such as movie characters, television show characters and video game characters. The site also offers sections that display the most popular skins on the site, according to user downloads.

Players interested in making a custom skin are able to use the skin editor on the site This editor contains basic painting tools that allow for the creation of any type of skin.