How Do You Use Mesh Plastic Canvas?

How Do You Use Mesh Plastic Canvas?

Use mesh plastic canvas for needlepoint crafts by working the needle and thread through the holes in the canvas. Cover the canvas completely so none of the holes show, then sew multiple pieces together to finish the project.

Plastic mesh canvas is firm, yet flexible and may be cut into various shapes and sizes. It makes creating 3-D needlepoint crafts easy and is perfect for children who are learning needlework.

Needlepoint is a form of embroidery that uses embellished designs to create various types of crafts. The stitcher can choose the type of thread and use different stitches to create various designs.

Mesh plastic canvas comes in different thread counts and some have painted designs on the front. This provides a type of "color-by-number" project for those new to the craft.

There are generally two types of mesh canvas. The first is interlock canvas and this type consists of a single horizontal thread wrapped by two vertical threads. This type of mesh offers less distortion than a mono canvas and stitchers will find this type of canvas in needlepoint kits.

The second type of canvas is called Penelope canvas. The Penelope canvas has two vertical and two horizontal threads running through it, making it the strongest of all the canvas types. Stitchers may choose to use one stitch over the two threads, reducing the number of necessary stitches without sacrificing strength or pattern quality. Penelope canvas allows for greater detail in select areas.