How Do You Use a Madeira Color Chart?


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Madeira color charts provide the Madeira product numbers for each color of thread Madeira sells, which enables customers to place orders for thread at Madeiramart.com or through retailers who sell Madeira thread. Madeira color charts and color numbers also facilitate the conversion of Madeira colors to Pantone colors.

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Electronic color charts or cards for Madeira's five types of embroidery thread are available at MadeiraUSA.com. The color number on a chart denotes both the color and the type of thread, such as nylon or wool. Designers or enthusiasts use these numbers when composing specs to distinguish different types of thread that are similar in shade.

Madeira color charts contain a color-dot key, with three different colors of dot denoting common thread weights of 30, 40 and 60. You can use the chart to isolate a particular color, weight and type of thread, replenish the product accurately as required and share its details with others using the chart as a reference.

Madeira color charts are also useful for converting color types across major brands of thread or into Pantone colors. A Pantone color match converter is available, free to use, at MadeiraMart.com. If the Pantone number isn't known, or conversion to another brand of colored thread is the goal, then specialist embroidery websites such as EmbroideryDesigns.com provide more universal converters.

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