How Do You Use Incredibox V1?


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Use Incredibox V1 by dragging different icons onto the shirts of the men that appear on the screen to initiate different sounds and build a song. Each icon below the screen corresponds to a different aspect of a song, such as percussion, the chorus, instruments or voice effects.

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Incredibox V1 simulates the vocal musical practice known as beat boxing, wherein a person uses her mouth and vocal chords to recreate different musical elements. Though the most common type of beat boxing revolves around percussive sounds, it is possible to achieve a wide array of noises.

The interactive tool begins by displaying a single man in a white shirt with a series of different icons in categories beneath him. The categories includes three options for instruments, three options for percussion, four options for effects, two options for voice and two options for chorus. A short tutorial shows that dragging an icon onto the shirt of the man onscreen causes him to make sounds with his mouth representing that category.

After dragging an icon onto the first man, his shirt turns black and he begins making the corresponding sound. Another man appears, allowing the user to place a new icon and make a new sound. After placing seven icons on the screen and forming a song, the player has access to one of three different bonus sounds.

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