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Hexbugs are small, robotic toys that react to their environment. Basic use of a Hexbug simply involves turning it on. The original three are the Hexbug, Ant and Scarab, which all have a black on/off switch on the back side of the toy. Newer models include the Inchworm, Spider and Strandbeast, which have on/off switches on the top of the main body. The Nano and Larva have a black on/off switch on the bottom of the toy.

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Hexbugs need habitats, created or purchased by their owners. Habitats are environments wherein the Hexbug can race, go into battle or experience any number of other things selected by the owner. Habitats created by the company are sold in any toy store that sells Hexbugs.

To change the batteries in a Hexbug, Hexbug owners should consult the video tutorial for their specific Hexbug on the Hexbug website. Battery safety includes keeping all batteries out of the reach of children, preventing children from changing or attempting to change the batteries and not prying the batteries out of the toy with a metal object. When storing backup batteries, owners must ensure that the batteries remain in their original packaging and that they do not come into direct contact with other types of batteries or metal objects.

To correct a Hexbug spinning in circles, which is a common issue, Hexbug recommends tweaking the legs on the side the bug is turning by gently stretching the tip of the front of one or two legs in small increments.

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