How Do You Use a Hand Quilting Frame?


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To use a hand quilting frame, join the quilt top, backing and batting. Remove the frame's outside hoop, and adjust its bolt as per the thickness of the quilt. Then, position the quilt on the inside hoop, replace the outside hoop and work in the quilt area inside the hoop.

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Begin using a hand quilting frame by marking the desired design on the quilt top. Then, attach it to the backing and batting layers, using basting stitches or safety pins.

After removing the frame's outside hoop, undo the bolt until there is adequate space to hold the quilt's thickness. When positioning the quilt on the inside hoop, place its center portion in the hoop's mid-region with the right side facing upwards.

Use a hand quilting stand when positioning the quilt in the inside hoop, as this makes it easier to work on the backing. After securing the quilt, smooth it out, reposition the outside hoop and gently push the frame downwards. Now, press the outside hoop's notches together, and turn the bolt until it is tight.

Ensure that the secured quilt sits flat and adequately tight in the frame. After quilting the portion inside the hoop, undo the outside hoop, and secure the adjacent region of the quilt in it. Continue quilting from the center until the project is finished.

Do not keep the quilt in the frame for more than a couple of days, as this stretches the material.

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