How Do You Use Gold Leaf Products?

How Do You Use Gold Leaf Products?

To use gold leaf products, clean off the area, apply an adhesive and then apply the gold leaf product. To keep the gold leafing from flaking off, brush the surface with a sealant.

To use gold leaf products to gild an object or surface, run through the following steps.

  1. Clean and set up the working area
  2. Before getting started, thoroughly clean the surface to be gilded. Make sure the area is completely free of dust or particles. The surface should be completely smooth. If it is not, sand it with a sheet fine sandpaper and wash off the dust. Put down newspapers or drop cloths to protect surrounding surfaces before working with any gold leaf products.

  3. Apply some paint to the surface
  4. Many gold leaf products are slightly transparent; therefore, applying a base coat of paint helps complete the overall gilded effect. Traditionally, gilded surfaces were covered with red clay, so red paint can create a classic gilded look. Apply an even base coat of paint and let it dry.

  5. Apply an adhesive
  6. Apply an adhesive to the surface using a foam brush. Let the adhesive dry for approximately 20 to 30 minutes until it feels tacky to the touch.

  7. Apply the gold leaf
  8. To use surface leaf products, carefully remove the gold leaf from its paper backing and work it into the surface with the fingers. To apply patent leaf products, take the entire sheet and press it into the surface with the gold side facing downwards. Use a brush or fingers to rub the sheet into the surface, and then gently remove the paper backing.

  9. Brush off the gold leaf
  10. Use a soft brush or a foam brush to gently clear the surface of loose pieces of gold leafing.

  11. Seal the gold leaf
  12. Apply a sealant to the surface and let it dry.