How Do You Use the Firemaking Calc in Runescape?

To use the firemaking calculator for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game named "Runescape," input the number of your skill experience points. Then, set your target level or target number of experience points.

  1. Input your data

    To use the firemaking calculator for "Runescape," you may either put in your "Runescape" name or your skill experience points. If you put in your name, press the "Get Stats!" button. Otherwise, look up your experience points for the firemaking skill manually in the game so that you input the number yourself.

  2. Select the options

    Select either "Target Level" or "Target XP." "XP" stands for experience points. Input your target number for either value. Select any experience-boosting items you are using in the checkbox area. Then, click the "Tip Me" button to run the calculator.

  3. Interpret the results

    The calculator displays the results in a table with columns named "Number," "Name," "Lvl" and "XP." The "Number" column shows how many uses of an item or method you need to compete to get to your target number. The "Name" column displays the name of the items and methods. The "Lvl" column shows the minimum level you need to use a certain item or method. The "XP" column shows the number of experience points gains for using that method or item. The chart has three different colors. Green rows show what you can access up to that level. Yellow shows what you can access at that level. Red shows things that are out of reach to your character.