How Do You Use Cross-Stitch Patterns for Beading?


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You can easily use beading with a cross stitch pattern by either adding beading to a section of the pattern or beading the entire pattern. The beading is added during the cross stitching process with regular embroidery floss.

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  1. Select the beads

    Choose seed beads that match the embroidery floss in the area that you intend to bead. Seed beads work the best for beading with cross stitching.

  2. Make a half stitch and place the bead

    Pull and needle up through the canvas and make a half stitch. Then, push the bead down the needle to the very bottom of the embroidery floss. Make sure that the bead is at the very bottom of the floss.

  3. Complete the stitch

    Push the needle down into the fabric, and complete the stitch with the bead enclosed.

  4. Repeat the process

    Repeat steps two and three in the second half of the cross stitch. Repeat the entire process in the section you are working in until the desired amount of beading is reached.

  5. Tie off the thread securely

    Always remember to tie off your embroidery floss in each beading area so the beads are secure.

  6. Experiment with other stylings

    Vary the stitches for the beads to lay diagonally or vertically. For example, for diagonal beading, place a bead on each half stitch of the cross stitch.

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