How Do You Use a Contract Bridge Scoring Chart?


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To complete an American Contract Bridge League duplicate score sheet, enter the game play information before tallying the score for each board, or hand. A score card includes information on the players, the number of trick points, the contract and the match points. A session is complete when all boards are played.

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Duplicate bridge is the most commonly played game of bridge, and each board has its own score card. For a matchpoint game, the members of each pair list their identification numbers in one of the first two columns based on their playing positions of North-South or East-West.

Points and scores are tallied on a separate sheet of paper before being entered on the card. The final bid, or contract, is entered in the third column, followed by the position of the bidder of that contract. The number of tricks is placed in the fifth column, and the plus or minus scores are entered in the sixth or seventh columns. Matchpoints for each pair are listed in the final two columns. More detailed duplicate bridge score sheets may include additional columns that list the dealer of the contract, vulnerability and more detailed scoring information. Columns may exist for bonus points, penalty points and game points.

The score sheet for each board is tallied at the end of the session, and then scores from each board are used to calculate an overall winner.

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