How Do You Use a Chinese Yo-Yo?

How Do You Use a Chinese Yo-Yo?

How Do You Use a Chinese Yo-Yo?

A Chinese yo-yo is a toy that features two equal-sized discs on an axle. The yo-yo is propelled into action by the user by moving two sticks connected to a string in which the yo-yo spins. Mastering the use of this ancient toy may take years, but you can learn a few basic moves after a few hours of practice.

  1. Assemble the toy

    To put together the toy, screw both discs tightly to the axle. Use a simple knot to tie the ends of the string to the grooved ends of the sticks. Slip the loops into the grooves of the string and tighten.

  2. Learn basic motions

    To get used to the experience of handling the Chinese yo-yo if you are a beginner, you should learn how to get the yo-yo moving and how to do simple tricks. The open-string motion is a basic move, so you should master that first. To begin, place the yo-yo on the string, with the string in a V shape and the yo-yo on the ground. To get it spinning, push the right stick toward the yo-yo and lift the left stick. When the yo-yo begins to spin, lift it about a foot off the floor and increase the spin by quickly raising the right and left sticks alternatingly.

  3. Learn harder tricks

    After you have mastered the spin, you can learn more sophisticated tricks in which the yo-yo climbs vertically on the string or is tossed from player to player.