How Do You Use the Chat Feature in Pokemon?


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The chat feature can be accessed in Pokémon X and Y using the Player Search System. Initiate voice chat features by tapping the player's icon on the touch screen and selecting the desired option.

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  1. Get online access

    You need to be online in order to access the voice chat features through the Player Search System in Nintendo's in Pokémon X and Y.

  2. Select the friend to chat with

    There are three types of users displayed on the Player Search System: friends, acquaintances and passersby. Players can only voice chat with others marked as "friends." On the touch screen, tap the icon of the friend with whom you wish to chat.

  3. Choose the live chat option

    The Player Search System is designed to let players trade and battle, so these options will also appear when the player's icon is tapped. Select the "voice chat" option to send the desired player a request to chat.

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