How Do You Use the Brother ScanNCut?


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Use Brother ScanNCut series fabric cutters by introducing a pattern to the devices, and then using it as a mask to cut the fabric. Brother provides the software necessary to introduce new patterns.

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You must first print out a pattern in JPG format, and then scan it into the machine. Alternatively, use the free ScanNCut Canvas application to turn SVG patterns into FCM files, the file format ScanNCut uses to recognize cutting patterns. The application is cloud-based and does not require installation. As of January 2016, the application does not work with Mozilla Firefox. Brother notes that a USB storage device is necessary to transfer FCM files to ScanNCut devices.

After the device recognizes your pattern, iron your fabric and lay it across the mat within the grid area. Run the backside of the spatula all over the fabric to press it securely and release all air pockets. Brother suggests performing a test cut to make sure the selected blade works well with the fabric. Once the fabric and the machine are ready, start the cut. Cut only one layer of fabric at a time.

If working in a badly-lit environment, touch the key icon on the screen, tap Background, and select Off to see your cut design. If using the device for the first time, press the mat on a piece of cloth to reduce its initial tackiness.

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