How Do You Use Bitstrips?

To use Bitstrips, customize an avatar using the Bitstrips website or any of its mobile apps, create a Bitstrips account, check out created Bitstrips, and create your own Bitstrip comics. The avatar is used in the creation of customized comic strips.

  1. Customize an avatar

    Navigate to the Bitstrips website, and click the link to design an avatar. Follow the on-screen instructions to adjust the avatar's features, such as face shape, hair and makeup.

  2. Connect to Facebook

    When prompted, click the Facebook log in button. A connected Facebook account is required to save and use a Bitstrips avatar.

  3. Read Bitstrips comics

    Once logged into Facebook on the Bitstrips site, check out Bitstrips comics created by other users.

  4. Create your own Bitstrip comics

    On the Bitstrips website, go to the Comic Builder. Define the number of panels desired, then use the tabs at the top of the screen to add and manipulate objects from the art library, such as your customized avatar, background scenes and text bubbles. Once the comic is complete, click Save to view options for publishing the comic.