How Do You Use the Apples to Apples Feature With Electric Ohio?


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Apples to Apples is a tool created by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio as a means for consumers to compare energy suppliers. To compare electricity providers, access the tool on the Energy Choice Ohio website.

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To use the Apples to Apples comparison tool:

  1. Have a bill to compare
  2. Have a recent electricity bill in hand.

  3. Go to the tool
  4. On the Energy Choice Ohio website, select "compare electric offers", and select whether to compare residential, small commercial or large commercial rates.

  5. Choose current supplier
  6. Select the current electricity supplier from the list.

  7. Filter suppliers
  8. The tool will provide a list of suppliers and their rates. Filter this by options such as term length, early termination fee and renewable content.

Comparing the rates of electricity providers on the Apples to Apples tool to a current electricity bill will inform whether to switch providers.

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