How Do You Upgrade "Minecraft" to the Latest Version?


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Upgrade "Minecraft" to the latest version by running the "Minecraft" Launcher and opening the Options menu. Open the Launcher Options window and choose the Force Update button, then click Done and log in to your account. This automatically downloads and installs the latest version of the software, as of 2015.

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The "Minecraft" Launcher is the main user interface portal for accessing the computer version of the game "Minecraft," as well as managing downloads and updates. After choosing Force Update from the appropriate options menu you need to sign in to the account authorized on the computer in order to verify your ability to obtain the program. Once the tool downloads the latest version, it automatically installs the software while preserving any save files and texture packs present. However, the installation does override any modification packs present, as they alter the base code for the game.

If you already have the latest version of "Minecraft" running on your computer, the system creates a fresh installation of the program, which often helps resolve issues that arise from certain modifications. If you are using a computer with suboptimal performance power, such as a small amount of RAM or a low-end graphics card, it is possible that updating to the latest version may result in a decrease to performance. This is because some older machines are not capable of handling the increase in system demand.

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