How Do You Update an Xbox 360?


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Update your Xbox 360 by connecting it to the Internet, testing your Xbox Live connection and confirming available updates. This setup ensures that you always have the latest updates for the console.

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  1. Connect to the Internet

    Connect to your Xbox 360 to the Internet using either the wired connection or the console's wireless connectivity. You must be online to receive updates from Xbox Live.

  2. Press the "Guide" button

    The "Guide" button brings up a list of available menu options for navigating your system. Select "Settings" from this list of options, and then choose "System Settings" to access the configuration options for your Xbox 360.

  3. Choose your network

    Pick "Network Settings" from the list of available system settings options. Choose either "Wired Connection" or the name of your local wireless network to confirm that the Xbox 360 is connected to the proper network. This step may not be necessary if you have an always-on connection.

  4. Select "Test Xbox Live connection"

    Test your connection to the Xbox Live servers. During this test, you may receive a prompt to download new system updates directly from Microsoft. Accept this prompt to update your Xbox 360. If the prompt does not appear, you are already running the latest updates for the gaming console.

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