How Do You Update "Minecraft PE"?

How Do You Update "Minecraft PE"?

Updating Minecraft PE requires having the application and a device that can run the update of Minecraft PE and accessing the update through the device or from Google play or iTunes. The pocket edition includes Survival and Creative modes, infinite worlds, custom skins and more.

Minecraft PE is the universal application pocket edition of the placing blocks and going on adventures game. Beta versions are available for users who purchased the application from the Google Play store. In order to download and test new updates:

  1. Make a backup of existing worlds
  2. Create the backup by connecting the mobile device to a PC via USB. Select the device and navigate to internal storage/ games/ .com mojang/ minecraftWorlds. Copy and save on the PC or in cloud storage.

  3. Join or sign in to the Google+ Community
  4. Establish an account by going to the Google website and clicking the link to set up an account. The account requires personal information, location and agreement to terms and conditions. For users who have an account already, sign in with the Gmail address and password.

  5. Opt into the Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta
  6. If a beta version of an update is available for testing, it will direct users to the Play Store beta download.

  7. Install update
  8. The beta update will install automatically, although it can take a few days. To revert to the previous version, leave the Google+ group. For regular updates, notifications will be given through the application on the device. Information can also be viewed on the application Update News Minecraft PE.