What Are Some Unusual Craft Ideas?


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Some unusual craft ideas include a pop tabs bag, a spoon lamp, maple leaf roses and lettuce stamped stationary. To make easy rose stationary or a rose stamp for scrapbooking, cut off the end of a Treviso radicchio, a type of head lettuce. Take the cut-off end, press it onto an ink pad and stamp it onto paper.

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Craft a pop tabs bag, made out of the aluminum pop tops found on soda cans. Use a wire cutter to snip apart the circular pop tabs, and weave them together. An alternative method is tying the pop tabs together using nylon yarn.

To make a spoon lamp, cut off the ends of several white plastic spoons. Use a clear water jug with the bottom cut out as the frame of the lamp, and hot glue the spoons onto the jug, starting at the bottom of the jug and going around in a ring. Start the first layer with the rounded ends of the spoons facing toward the bottom of the jug. Make sure that the spoon sides overlap one another. With subsequent layers, place the rounded ends partially over the spoons of the layer beneath at the seam between two spoons, overlapping them in a fish scales fashion. After reaching the opening of the jug, glue several spoons in a ring, and glue them over the lip. Finish the lamp by placing a light bulb attached to a cord inside the jug.

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