What Are Some Unscrambling Games That Would Be Fun to Play?


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Some unscrambling word games that are fun to play include “Letter Scramble” and “Word Scramble.” Both of these games are free to play on arcade websites such as Wordgames.com and Games.com.

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In “Letter Scramble,” players have five minutes to spell as many words as they can with the letters that appear on the table. Unlike other unscrambling games, the letters appear one at a time in a circular motion. While this makes it easy to focus on a small amount of letters at a time, players have to deal with letters that are continuously changing. Also, to spell long words and get a higher score, players have to wait for multiple letters to appear before they spell a word.

Players use the computer keyboard to play “Letter Scramble.” They type in the letters that appear on the board and hit the enter button to submit their answers. If they try to spell a word that uses more letters than those on the board, the game rejects the word. The goal is to score enough points on each level to advance to the next stage in a specified period of time.

In “Word Scramble,” players receive a series of letters and must rearrange them to spell a particular word. They drag the letters around the board with a computer mouse. The game gives them some help if they click on the Hint button.

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