How Do You Unscramble Multiple Words?


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Unscramble multiple words in a word puzzle by first focusing on a single word in the phrase to create a baseline starting point. Solve that word by looking for prefixes, suffixes or repeating letters and rearranging the individual letters. Proceed one word at a time to solve the puzzle.

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Many newspapers and websites feature word scramble puzzles that contain multiple words that serve as a key to solving a larger puzzle. In many cases, the final puzzle contains specific letters from the first set of word scrambles and also functions as the answer to a question or punch line to a joke. To solve such puzzles, begin by focusing on a single word in the first section. Trying to solve all the words at the same time divides your resources and increases the chances of becoming overwhelmed. Employ tactics such as identifying the letters in a common prefix or suffix to reduce the potential letter base and find solutions.

It is often helpful to use a scratch piece of paper to test out possible words and avoid locking yourself into using specific letter combinations. Use the scratch paper to track potential answers to the final solution and, in turn, find potential solutions for the previous words. For example, if you solve two out of four word puzzles and find the answer to the final puzzle, backtrack through the previous puzzles to find the solution.

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