How Do You Unlock the Hot Coffee Mod for PS2?

While publisher Rockstar originally tried to claim that Hot Coffee was a third-party modification to the PC version of the game made by a group of hackers, reporters at Kotaku and Gamespot uncovered a series of codes that revealed the "Hot Coffee" content was present in the Playstation 2 version of the game as well. To access this content on the PS2, you will need a modification device such as the Action Replay Max or the GameShark 2.

  1. Obtain an Action Replay Max or GameShark 2

    Though the Playstation 2 is long since defunct, these devices are still available for purchase through Amazon, eBay and a number of video game specialty shops.

  2. Enter the appropriate codes for your device

    For the Action Replay Max, enter the following series of codes: JD3N-EV68-AGRW0 4PMG-6VNA-PBZQ7 BKR1-JF84-6Q23C U7Q0-6H91-6JATX 5540-HY63-181MY 7FB5-3052-PWB8N 03AH-5PBC-9K2T7 For the GameShark 2, enter the following series of codes: 200C0400 8E430014 200C0404 10600001 200C0408 24630001 200C040C 3C02000C 200C0410 90410440 200C0414 A0610000 200C0418 24420001 200C041C 1420FFFC 200C0420 24630001 200C0424 0807DC80 200C0428 00000000 2030CCFC 0C030100 206B32FC 00000000 It will also help to enter the "maximum sex appeal" cheat code if you do not want to have to go on dates and buy the right clothes. To enter this code press circle, triangle, triangle, up, circle, R1, L2, up, triangle, L1, L1, L1 at any time while playing the game.

  3. Find a girl, and take her on a successful date

    Find one of the women that CJ is able to date, and complete a successful outing with her. Upon bringing her home, you will be invited in for "coffee." Agree, and the hidden "Hot Coffee" mini-game will begin. If you become trapped in an invisible box afterward, press both of the R and L buttons together to get outside of it.