What Are the Unlock Codes for WildTangent Games?

Unlock codes for WildTangent games are obtained by purchasing games from WildTangent. These codes are license keys for commercial games and are not available for free. Some games from WildTangent are free to play; these games do not require a paid unlock code and can be played by downloading from WildTangent's website or app. Unlock codes are valid on up to four computers.

WildTangent accepts credit cards, PayPal and WildCoins for payment. WildCoins are WildTangent's exclusive form of digital currency. The primary benefit of purchasing WildCoins and spending them on the site is a significant discount on games purchased with WildCoins versus games purchased with a credit card or PayPal. WildCoins can also be used to rent games, make in-app purchases and purchase mobile games.

WildCoins are purchased by signing up for a subscription. Subscribers receive a set number of WildCoins every month for a recurring fee. Games can only be rented using WildCoins; there is no option to rent using a credit card or PayPal. The price of the game rental counts toward ownership of the game. Some games from WildTangent allow free trial sessions without requiring a purchase or rental, but this is offered on a by-game basis. Games with large file sizes and those with developers opt out of the program are not available for free trials.