How Do You Get Unlimited Free Xbox Live Gold Trial Codes?

According to Xbox, when a player creates a new account, he can only take advantage of the one month free trial once. Xbox tracks the gamertags of each player and prevents people from using more than one free trial on the same gamertag. If a player is willing to change his gamertag, he can open a new account and use a free trial on that account.

Becase of restrictions put in place by Microsoft, only three free trials can be accessed from a single console. Once more than three accounts have been opened from the same console, it is no longer possible to access free membership trial periods on that console.

Many games and consoles are sold with prepaid memberships. Called tokens, these prepaid memberships can only be used once a player's current Xbox Live Gold subscription has expired. If a player wants to renew a prepaid membership, he must wait until the current period ends before he can use another prepaid token.

Players can save money on their Xbox Live Gold membership by buying discount membership cards. These cards can be purchased for three, six or 12 month periods. Buying one of these cards is sometimes cheaper than paying for the service monthly.