How Do You Get Unlimited Rare Candy on Pokemon Fire Red?

To get unlimited rare candy in Pokemon FireRed, a person will need to insert the code 82025840 0044.The code can be modified by changing the last four digits in order to get other items in the Pokemon FireRed game.

Some of the other items that are available via cheat are the Potion (000D), the Antidote (000E), Super Potion (0016), Full Heal (0017), MooMoo Milk (001D), Blue Flute (0027), Protein (0040) and Escape Rope (0055). These items can all be used by taking the four digits and adding them to the standard cheat code, which is 82025840.

Pokemon FireRed is the remake of the original Game Boy Pokemon game. Pokemon Red was released in Japan in 1996 with Pokemon Green. It introduced the main goals of every Pokemon game: to catch Pokemon and train them in order to become the Pokemon Master. The FireRed version has the option to link with GameCube's Pokemon Colosseum to transfer Pokemon and also supports trading and battling wirelessly with friends.

Pokemon FireRed was released September 7th, 2004 and was considered to be in the RPG (role-playing) genre. Its publisher was Nintendo and its developer was Game Freak. It retailed with the ESRB rating E for Everyone.