What Are Some Unique Styles of Piggy Banks?


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Some unique styles of piggy banks include an alarm clock bank, in which the only way to turn the alarm off is by inserting money; a bomb-shaped piggy bank; and a hand-grenade-shaped bank. Character piggy banks, such as the Darth Vader bank or Mario block bank, are also unique.

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What Are Some Unique Styles of Piggy Banks?
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Some see-through banks, made of either glass or plastic, allow savers to see their money pile up or watch an inserted coin spiral down into the money receptacle on the bottom. A lamp piggy bank only allows the user to turn the lamp on for a preset time by inserting money. The Fill 'er Up Coin Bank looks like a car's gas gauge and moves from empty to full as an individual inserts coins.

Some banks, in the shape of a pig or just rectangular, divide money saved into different sections, each with its own coin-insert opening. The labelled sections allow an individual to accumulate money to spend, save, donate or invest.

The Face Bank piggy bank is a square, face-shaped robot that eats money. The mouth opens and closes once an individual inserts a coin into the slot. A his-and-hers piggy bank includes two pig-shaped banks, with the smaller bank labeled "his" atop the back of the larger bank labeled "hers." A slot in the top and bottom of the top pig ensures that money inserted into the his-and-hers piggy bank all ends up in the bank marked "hers."

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