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Some unique crafts include owl burlap fall flags as well as tissue paper night-lights. The fish-in-a-bag soap, the tissue cherry blossom tree and the eggshell flowerpots from MarthaStewart.com are other unique crafts.

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The owl burlap flag is a unique craft that is made by gluing a wooden dowel to a square of burlap. Cut an apple in half down the stem, and dip it in acrylic paint. Use the apple to stamp the burlap flag, and paint the owl's body. Cut a sheet of felt into triangles, circles and small rectangles to use for the owl's body parts. Glue the felt pieces onto the owl, and glue buttons on for the owl's eyes.

The fish-in-a-bag soap craft involves first melting 4 ounces of clear glycerin soap in the microwave. Pour 2 of the 4 ounces of glycerin into a clear plastic bag that is 4 inches wide by 8 inches tall. Spray the solution with rubbing alcohol until the bubbles disappear. Place a plastic fish in the melted soap, wait 15 minutes, then pour the rest of the glycerin on top of the fish. Tie the bag with a ribbon once the soap has cooled.

To make the tissue paper night-light craft, mix pieces of tissue paper with some glue and water. Use a paintbrush to apply the wet tissue paper mixture to a glass jar. Place a battery-operated tea light inside the jar, and screw on a lid if desired.

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