What Are Some Unfinished Wood Crafts?

What Are Some Unfinished Wood Crafts?

Some unfinished wood crafts include keepsake boxes, cutouts of wooden letters, birdhouses, frame kits and wooden box sets. These crafts are available from stores such as JB Wood Products, JoAnn.com, Michaels.com, VikingWoodcrafts.com and HobbyLobby.com.

JB Wood Products sells unfinished wood crafts, such as Christmas ornaments, picture frames, decorative signs, keepsake boxes and wooden banners. It also offers garden and lawn ornaments, clocks and display easels that have surfaces that can easily be painted and decorated. Artists can take apart JB Wood's decorative wooden tray to make painting and decorating the piece simpler. The company also provides wooden crafts that artists can color with pencils.

JoAnn.com sells unfinished wooden crates, cigar boxes, letter cutouts, plaques and bins. It also offers wooden plates that artists can paint and decorate, as well as unfinished wooden footstools and storage boxes. JoAnn.com carries products by Darice, Loew-Cornell, Buttercream, Speedball Art Products and Sei. Wooden dowels, slats and unfinished wooden shapes are also available.

Michaels.com offers wooden birdhouses, unfinished signs, chalkboard easels, picture frames and wall hangings. It carries decorative basswood plates by Art Minds, as well as birch pillars and wooden boxes. Woodcraft tools and painting supplies are also available on the site. Michaels.com carries the brands 3M, Ashland, Creatology, Darice and Lara's Crafts.

VikingWoodcrafts.com sells unfinished wooden Christmas and Easter decorations, picture frames, birdhouses, boxes and cabinets. It also offers wooden calendars, baskets and wooden tables. Holiday-themed crafts include wooden Christmas trees, snowman decorations and ornaments. The company sells candlesticks, mirrors and other unfinished wooden home furnishing accessories.