How Do I Get Umbreon in "Pokémon FireRed?"

Unlike other Pokémon games from Generation III, Umbreon cannot be friendship evolved from an Eevee in "FireRed." Umbreon evolves when its friendship is high enough and it is at night. "FireRed" does not have day and night features. This means that Umbreon can only be obtained through trade or from a special Nintendo event.

  1. Unlock the National Pokedex

    Players are unable to obtain Pokémon from later generations until they unlock the National Pokedex. Umbreon will not appear in the Pokedex until after a player sees one.

  2. Start the trade

    To trade, players need at least two Pokémon in their party. Players can trade immediately after obtaining the Regional Pokedex; however, this function is limited until the National Pokedex is unlocked. Umbreon is available in Gold, Silver and Crystal versions.

  3. Choose a Pokémon to trade

    Select a Pokémon to trade for the Umbreon. Players have the option to trade back right away.

  4. Evolve Eevee in other games

    Umbreon is evolved using the friendship stat, which is never displayed to the player. To evolve, the player needs to heal Umbreon right away, keep it in the party and take it to the spa. Once the friendship level is high enough, evolve the Eevee at night.