Is the Umbrella Corporation Real?

umbrella-corporation-real Credit: taymtaym/CC-BY-2.0

While the Umbrella Corporation, portrayed in the "Resident Evil" game franchise, is not a real corporate entity, there are at least two companies known by the same moniker. The first is an IT company based in Japan, while the second is a firearm research and development firm based in Virginia Beach, VA.

In the game franchise, the Umbrella Corporation is used as a symbol for the lack of morality and overwhelming greed found in many multinational corporate entities. The term "umbrella company" is a commonly term used to describe a single corporate entity which connects or covers many smaller businesses.

The "Resident Evil" game franchise portrays the villain as a corporation so large that the left hand rarely knows what the right hand is doing. As a result, the fictional Umbrella Corporation had projects devoted to everything from pharmaceuticals to bio-organic weapons development, in addition to agriculture and electronics. No such corporate entity exists in the real world; even large companies like GE don't have such a widely varied portfolio.

The fictional Umbrella Corporation is known as the world's largest company, but in reality the world's largest company belongs to Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd (ICBC), according to the Forbes Global 2000 list.