How Do You Get Ultimate Weapons in FF7?

How Do You Get Ultimate Weapons in FF7?

Each of the nine playable characters has their own Ultimate Weapon. These are all found in different locations throughout the game world, and some can only be obtained during limited time windows.

  1. Obtain Cloud's Ultimate Weapon

    Cloud's ultimate weapon, which is called "Ultimate Weapon," is found by defeating the enemy Ultimate Weapon. Ultimate Weapon will hang around the crater near Junon until it is attacked. If it flees before the party defeats it, the party will have to chase it in the airship and continually ram it until it is over Cosmo Canyon. This is the only location where it will not run from the battle before you can defeat it.

  2. Obtain Barret's Ultimate Weapon

    Barret's ultimate weapon, the Missing Score, is found on the stairs in Midgar just before the fight against Hojo near the end of disc 2. The weapon will not appear if Barret is not in the party.

  3. Obtain Tifa's Ultimate Weapon

    The Premium Heart is in Midgar and can only be obtained during disc 2. It is in the slums in a house that has a computer inside with a machine gun guarding it. Simply interact with the computer with Tifa in the party to get it.

  4. Obtain Aeris's Ultimate Weapon

    The Princess Guard is in the Ancient Temple and must be obtained during disc 1. In the room with the large clock hands, arrange them so that you can walk over the IIII symbol to enter the room where it is held.

  5. Obtain Red XIII's Ultimate Weapon

    Visit the observatory in Cosmo Canyon at any time after the Weapons attack Midgar, and speak to Bugenhagen with Red XIII in the party to obtain the Limited Moon.

  6. Obtain Cait Sith's Ultimate Weapon

    During the Midgar raid in disc 2, a locker in the Shinra headquarters gym that was previously locked will now be open and contains the Marvelous Cheer.

  7. Obtain Cid's Ultimate Weapon

    Simply speak to the old man staring at the rocket in Rocket Town three times to get the Venus Gospel.

  8. Obtain Yuffie's Ultimate Weapon

    The Conformer can be picked up from the crashed Gelnika airplane during disc 2 or disc 3. Use the submarine to go underwater near the Gold Saucer to find it.

  9. Obtain Vincent's Ultimate Weapon

    The Death Penalty is hidden in Lucrecia's Cave, hidden behind a waterfall near the Nibel area. A submarine or chocobo is needed to enter. Vincent must be in the party upon the first visit, and then the party must engage in ten battles outside and return to the cave. The Death Penalty will then be present.