What are the ultimate cheats in Gta4?


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Some of the ultimate cheats in "Grand Theft Auto IV" include unlimited health, armor and weapons. Other significant cheats for the game include changing the weather, raising the wanted level and generating specific weapons.

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The process for using cheats in "Grand Theft Auto IV" involves using the in-game cell phone of Niko Bellic, the player's character. Entering specific phone numbers activates different cheats for the game, such as giving Niko health and weapons, or giving Niko health and armor. Some of the weapons available to give Niko with cheat codes include rocket launches, baseball bats, Molotov cocktails, combat shotguns and assault rifles. Players can also use cheat codes to generate vehicles for Niko, such as motorcycles, boats and helicopters.

Other cheats available for "Grand Theft Auto IV" provide customization for the game, rather than physical objects that improve Niko's strength. One of these cheats alters the character's wanted level, which affects the force of police within the game, with a higher wanted level making the game more difficult. Another cheat removes Niko's wanted level entirely, which removes any pressure from the police. Another cheat of this type is the ability to change the weather, with eight different weather types including rain, fog and snow.

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