What Is Typically Included in a Snowman Kit?

What Is Typically Included in a Snowman Kit?

The most common snowman kit accessories include a top, scarf, a simulated carrot nose, and simulated coal or buttons for the snowman's eyes, smile and coat buttons. Some snowman kits include a pipe.

A snowman kit furnishes all of the finishing details necessary to decorate a traditional snowman. Snowman kits are intended to be reusable, so in most snowman kits, the customary raw carrot nose is replaced with a realistic plastic carrot. Similarly, the coal in a traditional snowman is replaced with simulated plastic coal.

Although snowman kits vary in intricacy, the most basic requirements are two buttons or pieces of coal to serve as the snowman's eyes, several buttons or pieces of coal to form its mouth, a carrot-shaped nose, and three buttons to line down the snowman's abdomen in order to create the illusion of a coat.

More elaborate snowman kits typically feature winter apparel, such as hats and scarves. Many kits feature top hats, though it is not uncommon for a snowman kit to boast a fleece Santa Claus cap. Snowman kit scarves are typically sewn from fleece and decorated in Christmas colors or a holiday design. If a pipe is included in a snowman kit, it is usually of the corncob variety

Many snowman kits feature clear allusions to Frosty the Snowman, and the accessories included in these kits contain the snowman features described within the song: a top hat, corncob pipe, button nose and two coal eyes.