What Is the Typical Value of a Porcelain Doll?


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The value of a porcelain doll varies greatly depending on many factors. The doll’s age, condition, completeness and manufacturer all factor into how much it is worth.

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One of the first things to consider is the doll’s age. Older dolls are worth more than newer dolls; however, age is strongly correlated to the doll’s condition. Conditions range from poor to mint, with dolls in mint condition usually being worth the most. A doll from 1925 in poor condition is likely worth less than a doll from 1930 in very good condition.

The overall completeness of the doll is also a consideration when determining its value. Dolls missing clothes, hair, body parts (eyes, arms, legs), or accessories are worth less than those that are still intact. Restoration to repair what is broken and replace what is missing can cause the doll to lose value rather than gain it, as collectors prefer everything to be original.

Another major contributor is the manufacturer. Many dolls have stamps that indicate where they were produced. Certain doll makers fetch higher prices than others.

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