What Is the Typical Value of a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar?

As of 2015, the 1921 Morgan silver dollar carries a numismatic value of about $30 in average, circulated condition, reports CoinTrackers.com and CoinValues.com. CoinStudy.com and CoinFlation.com appraise the same coins in "Fine" condition at $17.50 and $21 to $23, respectively.

Coins in a certified, mint state by a top coin-grading company could fetch up to $171, explains CoinTrackers. A pristine coin still bearing much of its luster - and virtually no contact marks - once reached a bid of $1,600 at a David Lawrence rare coin auction, reports CoinStudy.com. According to CoinFlation.com, 20,345,000 (D), 21,695,000 (S) and 44,690,000 (P) of the Dollars were put into circulation, and mint mark has little to no effect on value.

Based on the spot price of silver, the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar bears a "melt" value of just under $11 in late-2015.