What Types of Things Can Kids Do on MovieStarPlanet?

What Types of Things Can Kids Do on MovieStarPlanet?

Kids play as movie star characters in "MovieStarPlanet," a game that allows them to create their own movies, buy virtual goods, design clothes and decorate their own rooms. The game offers daily activities and virtual pets that encourage kids to log in every day.

A kid can start creating a movie by casting up to six movie stars and customizing their appearances. Afterwards, he gives the cast speeches and animations in the movie studio, which has a timeline bar for adding and editing the scenes of the movie. The final step is to publish the movie and share it with friends. Exporting the movie to YouTube is optional.

Some activities and features in the game are only available by accumulating and spending virtual currency. Players spend coins on clothes, costumes and decorations for their rooms, whereas they must accumulate enough fame points to unlock certain animations and chat rooms. To earn virtual currency, players must ask for autographs, play games in chat rooms and invite friends to watch their movies.

"MovieStarPlanet" offers integrated social features that let kids discover new friends and interact with them.

For instance, the kid's movie character has a guest book in which other kids can leave messages. The left portion of the game's interface has a text box for status updates.