What Types of Things Can Be Found in Junkyards?


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Most junkyards only have derelict vehicles, which patrons either buy whole or strip for replacement parts. Parts are typically much cheaper at a junkyard than at a used auto parts store. Many junkyards charge flat rates for certain parts, while others charge customers based on the weight of the items they buy.

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Some of the most common parts people find in junkyards are headlamps, door handles, seats, doors and suspension components. Engine parts like cylinder heads, alternators and even the entire engine block itself are also available at junkyards, usually at extremely low prices compared to buying new or used parts from a distributor.

The savings that come from buying parts at a junkyard comes with its own set of drawbacks, however. Because the prices are so low, junkyard owners rarely provide any kind of equipment or assistance to patrons trying to remove parts from a derelict vehicle. This means that a patron who wants to buy an engine block from a car must bring tools to extract the engine block, an engine lift to transport it out of the junkyard, and a vehicle able to carry such a heavy part.

Junkyards can also be dangerous places, as cars are often stacked on top of one another. Broken glass, jagged metal and leaking fluids are other safety hazards. Many junkyards make patrons sign a release stating the junkyard is not liable for any injuries patrons sustain while collecting parts.

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